Often, when I travel, I find that I am not only on a physical journey, but a spiritual journey as well. This year, I’d call this one “Transformation.”

I am out of place among people this year and it’s forcing me to be myself – fully myself – in the face of no one else’s cares or worries. Dance while everyone’s watching, because it’s then that it takes the most courage and bravery. “Why are you trying to fit in when you were born to stand out?”(What a Girl Wants) Feel everything and then live to tell the tale. Realize that feelings don’t dictate life, but thoughts don’t either. Intuition does – when feelings and thoughts meet. Choose to do the healthy thing when my feelings ask for another choice. Choose because my feelings are not always indicators of what I need to do. Choose because sometimes Adult Laurie knows what Child Laurie needs. But hold little Laurie tight in my arms and never let go… accept the little girl and tell her she’s okay. Because she is, and she will always need to know that. Let her dance and sing to butterflies and whisper to the flowers along side the trail. Because no one ever gave her much time to stop before. Laugh and say things that aren’t the best, because both the adult and child need to bloom alongside each other, and sometimes it takes saying risky, shocking things for transformation to happen. Be vulnerable even when it’s dangerous. Walk the high wire because you need, need, NEED to. Make mistakes and laugh at yourself. Accept, accept, accept. Find grace in the most amazing places. Disagree with the one place that actually “claims” amazing grace… despite the fact that everyone around you agrees with its offers. This is what my journey and traveling has been so far. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Sometimes, finding out that you are the different one is what gives you courage to be so.

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