i and thou

Where do I begin, and you end?
where do seas meet the sky
intentions meet action
soul meet mind
meet body?
Where do things flow together
and become boundaries
where do seas slap against
the walls meant to hold them
from the land that creeps
to the sea?
What is my choice
and where does my independence
on taking you in
and making your words
a part of

To live within self
genuinely, lovingly
internally leaning on my own
polarity and guide
yet to live toward others
compassionately, truly
to open heart to other intentions
inside guided at times
from outside
voices that collide
with my own inner voice
not matching
but sometimes colluding
and I must choose which
of the directions is mine…
yet honor what is yours.
take a little of each
leave the rest
knowing which is which.
how to do this
remains yet a mystery
unfolding in each


Copyright 2012, Laurie Works, all rights reserved.

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