[Written Last Night – 4/15/2013]

“Did you hear the news today?
I’m not coming home, now
And I wish they’d all away
I felt so alone, yeah.
And the darkness crept its way
Like stars that we all know will die too soon
There is never any sunrise here
In the shadows of eclipsing moons
Crawling on a tightrope
The bravest thing I have is hope.”
(Brave Saint Saturn)

I wonder if death is like a black hole. You fall in, but no one knows what happens inside. But once you fall in, you escape from the cage of time, and you are as you were always meant to be. You become who you would be without the necessary masks of earth-living.

Maybe that sounds somewhat far-fetched, but I honestly think that’s true. We go on after we die, but only we are more ourselves than we ever were before.

A heavy feeling came on today as I left work. You might call it a premonition. Then I received news, twice tonight. One, then two.

After many moments of tears, a deep awareness crept in. Life passes. Safety is an illusion. What is not an illusion is the eternity in my heart, in your heart, in all our hearts. In that eternity, nothing is lost.

Energy cannot be destroyed, remember?

You have left the necessary masks of living behind, and with them, those of us still wearing them.

But, “there is nothing lost that cannot be found, if sought.”

And we earth-dwellers, none of us, are alone in the darkness of this life. We each hold a candle in our hearts to guide the other on. Tonight, I’m holding that candle for you, Boston and dear friends in the Springs. There is a light that shines in the darkness.

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