I am the Key.

¬†Some wires got crossed recently, I don't know when, and my brain has been a little bit haywire. Drunk on abandonment issues that keep waving little red flags at me. My life keeps hinging on whether this person responds to me, whether this person shows up at this place or not, whether people come through …



Today is my birthday and I am 25 years old. So that means I can do whatever I want in this post. (Because who doesn't do this on their birthday? Source) (Or this, for that matter... Source) But don't worry. I have some thoughts to share too, now that I am a whole quarter century …

distilled. (a poem)

distilled.faces flashed by.warp speedslowed byyour eyes, my eyes.I caught thema butterflywings flutteringsoftly against my hand.Wide openyou gulpeda world full ofbrackish waterThrough the opened lidseverything floodedan ocean in yourone entire drop of self.But you laughed.because beauty ofasymmetryis this...that by swallowingthe oceanyou can losethe dropand all youever wantedwas to bea very lost drop.distilled.