Laurie’s List of Dream Travel Locations – Part One

It’s been a long week at work. I’ve been training for a new position that I got promoted to, and my brain is dry of any creativity. I’ve been trying to think up posts all week and have gotten nowhere. Until…my lovely friend Aussa suggested I write about travel locations. Thank God. This is one post that I can write that will be reviving to my soul. I need to think about these things this week for inspiration! I need a mind vacation!

I realized, though, when I started this post that I want to go too many places for one post. Therefore, I’m going to start this series. And on weeks where I feel uncreative and tired, I will unveil the next installment of the series! Two benefits: inspiration for me, and earth porn for you. Win win!

So, grab your beverage of choice (mine will be sparkling limeade) and come along for our little adventure! This shall be in no particular order, since I really can’t organize which one I want to go to most. And it will be totally out of continent order too, just depending on which one I really feel most inspired by right now.

San Pancho, Mexico

My most pressing travel dream is to go to San Pancho and live there for 3-6 months. For so many reasons. It’s small, it’s a beach town, and it has the perfect hippie vibe. Everyone is laid back. Everyone surfs. All the hippies and artists are there. There’s yoga. It’s cultured, but I can learn Spanish too. I want it. It’s amazing. I’m dying to go back. And I could drive down there and take my cat with me. I would live in a tiny rooftop apartment with beads over the doorways, lounging around in linen pants all the time. My hair would be in dreads because I’d never have the care to wash it. I’d drink agua fresca all day and lounge on the beach. I’d hike to nearby beaches in the afternoons and om in yoga at night. Pretty much, it’s my entire dream life.


Patagonia, Chile

It’s Neruda’s fault I’m obsessed with going to Chile. The lilting Spanish is seductive to my ears. The beautiful little houses and the bright culture sounds entrancing. And I’m not sure you can look at that picture and NOT want to visit. So. Seriously. Beautiful. Take a sip of your drink and just look at that view. Ahhhh.

The Trans-Siberian Railway

I am DYING to take this 14 day train trip from Beijing to Moscow. I think it would be mind blowing. So much countryside. So much beauty. So much of the world. I want to do this so badly, it sounds like the adventure of a lifetime! Winding across the countryside, crossing rivers, watching women and men and children wander down dirt roads in their every day lives. Seeing the everyday movement of another nationality. It’s fascinating.


Istanbul, Turkey

I have been obsessed with Turkish culture for years (just ask Carly). Turkish is on my bucket list of languages to learn. I’ve been to Izmir (on the coast) but never Istanbul. I so want to see Hagia Sophia, the Grand Bazaar, the Bosphorus. I want to wander the streets and sip on Turkish coffee, listening to the mullahs utter the calls to prayer from atop gorgeous minarets. I want to stuff myself on doner, lahmacun, baklava. I want to drink cay for days in little teacups shaped like lovely curving women. I want to taste the language on my tongue; Turkish and Azeri are the only 2 languages I’ve ever dreamed in besides English. I want to remember how to say “nasilsin” and “san nasilsin”. Watch the flash of the women’s eyes and the dance of their long dark hair. I want to sink into Turkey and its passionate self.

And this last is for Aussa, who inspired me. I saw a picture of these tents in the Smithsonian or Town and Country (can’t remember which) when I was probably 10-13 years old, and I’ve wanted to sleep in one ever since. Maybe it’s the tie-in to my precious Lothlorien, where tree-living is their life. It’s unsure where they are located. Some say California. The more sure location, however, is in Bavaria.

And so with that, I leave you until our next “picture vacation”! I hope it was as refreshing in the midst of your week as it was for me!


17 Replies to “Laurie’s List of Dream Travel Locations – Part One”

  1. this is awesome! i like it because when i think about where i want to travel, i get stuck at places i’ve already been. i tend to be habitual, which is comforting but not conducive to new adventures πŸ™‚ looking forward to seeing the rest of your list!

    1. thank you!!! I am somewhat habitual. I really loved when I went to Mexico next month and I’m jonesing to go back, big time. I’ve been to Prague twice, partially because I used to have a friend there, and partially because I really enjoy it.
      we’ll see when the next list hits the blog!! Next time I’m feeling uninspired and need a mental break πŸ˜€

  2. AHHH! I didn’t know about the Trans-Siberian Railway! I’ve always wanted to take the Canadian railway but never thought about this one. Such a great idea! I wanna go NOW πŸ™‚

  3. Oooooh my gosh, so much swoon. WordPress didn’t link me back here so I didn’t realize you had posted until I randomly thought to check! The only one on your list that I’ve done is Istanbul– with all those places and experiences, huzzah! But the Lothlorien-like photo speaks to my heart…. I need that. I need it hard.

    1. Riiiiighhhht? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Weird! I have no idea why it didn’t link back, that is odd!! Oooooh I am so jealous… Istanbul… was it awesome like I dream it is???
      I know right? those tree tents SPEAK TO ME. I NEED TO REST IN THEM.

      1. I don’t want to talk ill of Istanbul, but…. it was my least favorite place I’ve been :-/ I had a hard time with the whole “women are stupid and can’t think without a man” and being called Spice Girl and Barbie everywhere I went. It’s a longe story than that, though… we’ll have to chat! I have friends who absolutely love it.

      2. Oh that is SO sad. I totally want to hear more, let’s definitely chat about it! πŸ™‚ I have been in that type of environment before (Azerbaijan) so I think I could deal with ok… I hope, anyway!

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