Anniversary Roulette

Once upon a time, I was married.

When I mention this in real life, people often gape at me in shock. “How old are you?” they ask, disbelieving, quickly followed by, “How young were you when you got married?” Some could say my entire marriage was a gamble, which makes this story particularly ironic. If you’ve ever had any strange, end of relationship ironies, today’s post is for you. Also, if you have any strange gambling stories; whether with money or with life.

But you’ll not find the story here. I was a little overwhelmed with awe and almost puked in overeager excitement when I was asked to guest post by none other than Aussa Lorens. I’ve kind of had a crush on Aussa since I first binge read her blog a few months ago. So I’m really stoked, and honored, that she wanted me to guest post!

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