when words vanish.

I’ve taken to writing posts after I’ve been through an EMDR session, and this week is no exception. However… some things are too private to share so publicly, and I don’t quite know what to tell you today. Secrets are meant for the closest of friends.

I feel tender, broken open. Like a cantaloupe split down the middle and cascading with slick, vibrant seeds. And when I feel raw like that, opening up for the whole word feels sacrilegious.

Instead, I’m going to leave you with this video, which for now says more than I could put into words.


5 Replies to “when words vanish.”

  1. Such a beautiful song. I recently shared it too! In fact, they have a live cd you can download for free at Noisetrade, the link is at the very bottom of my current weekend post.

    Sending smiles,

    1. I found it from you, Christy! 🙂 Thank you – because of you I went out and bought the whole album and it’s been incredibly inspirational this past week. Bless you!
      Compassion and love to you, friend.

  2. Your blog, your rules. Write as little or as much.

    So something kind and gentle today. And tomorrow. Heal. New things that come up are to be held up and examined, as painful as they may be. But these are places to grow. I don’t have the experience you have of EMDR sessions – I imagine they can be intense – but I do have the experience of something coming out of nowhere about myself and having to accept things, or looking at things in a different light. But I find that is where I see something new. And it can be wonderful…as horrid as it may be at first.

    Be well – take care of yourself. 🙂


    1. Paul – thank you so much for your kindness. I really needed to read this. EMDR is intense – wonderful, but intense. But what you described as your experience matches it very well.
      Will be taking care of myself for a bit over here… and will write when I have the grace to again. 🙂

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